What ways you can donate

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What ways you can donate

Post  Cramik on Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:30 pm

There arew many ways to donate and many different priviliges you get

Either trading on steam
Paying With real money (Not ready yet)
Advertising (Counted in amount of people)

Now this is the hard part so for 1 scrap u can get 25 ability points (Sometimes overpowered)
5$ will get you any of these (You may donate many 25$ or Unusual or 300 people for 3 of all):
Infinite ammo when a admin is on 3$ or 1 reclaimed or 15 people (May be removed if people get mad because you use it over powered like the sandman with it)
2 scrap or 1$ or 5 people for Unusual weapons
4$ or 2 reclaimed or 20$ for Be marumus or HHH for 3 games
Nametag in chat for 2$ or 1 reclaimed or 10 people (Pay again to change it)
1$ or 2 scrap or 5 people for 1 life of glowing

What u will do by donating

Scrap: Let me have fun (I prefer money)
Money: 75% will go to making the server better
People: Make the server more famous without paying :O

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