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In Game Commands

Post  Cramik on Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:14 pm

!fp - First Person
!radio - Radio duhhh!!!
!duel - Make duel
"!rank" to display your rank to the server.
"!top10" to view the top 10 ranked players.
"!players" to view a list of ingame players.
"!webrank" to get your webrank
"!webtop" to get the webtop
"!session" to get information about your session
"!hidepoints" to hide the points you get
"!unhidepoints" to show the points you get
//Shows the buying menu
!mvmstats - check peoples stats for mvm
!ff2hud - Change your HUD type in FF2
/admins - List of all admins in-game
!shape <target class name> -Change class anytime in MVM and arena
/report (or sm_report in console)
/raffle Preform a raffle

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